Listen to Me Live Tomorrow on KUOW’s The Conversation with Ross Reynolds

Alex and I are thrilled that our project has been attracting so much attention lately. In building this house, one of our main goals has been to get the word out to people considering a building or remodeling project of their own that it’s possible to drastically lower their energy use–and even cut their energy bills to zero. We know that our own house will save energy, but we’re hoping that by showing that this can be done even in cloudy Seattle, and even on a budget, we can spur others to put these same building techniques to use and thereby help to conserve even more.

We’re confident that if people knew they could have a zero-energy house for about the same price as a regular house, many would choose to do it. The necessary technologies, designs, and building materials all exist today. The only thing lacking is awareness. We’re trying to change that.

Our mini media blitz continues tomorrow with a short feature on 94.9 KUOW, our local NPR station. If you’re in Seattle, you can tune in at 12:00 to The Conversation with Ross Reynolds. We’ll post a link here after the show.


2 thoughts on “Listen to Me Live Tomorrow on KUOW’s The Conversation with Ross Reynolds

  1. Nicely done, Eric!

    You should know that you were listened to by an impressionable 8th grader here at Penn Charter. You “blew his mind”. He is “running away from home” to “join the green circus”. I’ll send you his email.

  2. Very impressive project, particularly in Seattle. Interesting how people have been questioning me regarding how this could work in cloudy Seattle or in the long winters of North Idaho. I learned of this project through Premier Building Systems and Insulfoam’s Facebook pages.
    I want to bring to your attention a tremendous new EPS foam product called rolledfoam. Essentially rolledfoam is a double vapor barrier, flexible, high shear strength, insulation that can be used in many different applications where other insulation types are ill-suited or are unacceptable (fiberglass).
    If you are interested, we could communicate further regarding rolledfoam, manufactured by Insulfoam, which owns Premier Building Systems.
    We are excited to be part of the solution towards the zero-energy building with rolledfoam!
    I plan to find a way to listen to you at noon today, hopefully through the web.

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