Here’s the Audio for My NPR Interview Today

I had a great conversation with David Hyde, producer of the Conversation on KUOW today. I didn’t say anything egregiously wrong, so I was happy with that. You can listen to the segment here. It begins about 7:30 into the recording.

A building update: Ted and crew poured the the concrete for the foundation footers on Monday, which was way ahead of schedule. Also, Ted and I went downtown today to get some permits:

  • $3,540 for the city to dig up the street to get to the water main and put in a water meter for us.
  • $662 for permission to repair the street ourselves.
  • $318 for permission to run our water pipe through the grassy area in front of our lot.

It was kind of spendy, but at least we got back to the parking lot before our hour and a half on the meter ran out. ($22 for that!)


3 thoughts on “Here’s the Audio for My NPR Interview Today

  1. hi, i just read the article about you guys in the ballard tribune, congratulations and good for you!
    do you have a schematic of your design posted anywhere? would love to see what it will look like, as well as floor plan, etc.
    we also live in ballard, are planning a remodel in the next 10 years, and would love to go this route, especially if its as financially feasible as you make it out to be.

    • Thanks for the congratulations. I just added some images of the layout of the house under the new “Design” tab on the menu. Good luck with your remodel. I know that the designer of our house, Ted L. Clifton of, also does work on zero-energy retrofits of existing homes. I think this is a great approach, especially in a neighborhood like Ballard, where there are very few vacant lots and a lot of older homes with relatively poor insulation. Alex and I would be very interested in hearing more about what you eventually decide to do. Good luck!

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