Slab Poured, Walls Delivered

I spent Sunday morning working with Ted, Isaac, and Johnnie. The to-do list for the day included back-filling the foundation, digging a trench for the drainage pipe, and evening out the dirt slope that will be our front yard. I asked if I could work with the crew for a day so that I could feel like I had played at least some small part in the construction process, and I wanted to learn a little about how it is all done.

One thing I did learn was how hard these guys work. It was a rare Seattle day of hot sun, and we shoveled and moved dirt and rocks until midday, when we completed all we could before the concrete slab was poured. We quit relatively early (although my back felt like it had put in a full day’s work) and headed to Lake Washington for a swim.

The next day, the concrete truck arrived early and poured the slab, which will be our floor. It came out nice and smooth, and by the time I stopped by Monday evening, it was already set up enough to walk on. In the photos, it is covered by a couple of inches of water, which keeps it from drying out unevenly and helps dissipate the heat.

Monday was also the last day for Isaac, who is heading up to Alaska for some commercial salmon fishing. He should be back in a couple of months with a couple hundred pounds of frozen fish to sell to friends. (We’re hoping to get a box ourselves.)

Coincidentally, I arrived right when the SIPs were being delivered Monday evening. These panels, which are made up of rigid foam sandwiched between OSB plywood, will be our walls. We stacked the panels right in the front of the lot. Luckily, they’re all numbered to indicate where they go. The holes for windows and doors are pre-cut, so now it’s just a matter of applying mastic to the edges and putting them in place. We’ll be raising the first couple of panels, including the 24-foot back wall section, on Friday, which will be another exciting milestone.


One thought on “Slab Poured, Walls Delivered

  1. Right on! This is when it gets exciting and all the neighbors start commenting about how fast your house gets built. The SIP’s go up so fast. Good job on keeping them stacked and covered properly, they can get wompity pretty easily.

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