Raising the Roof

Now that the roof is on, the house is really starting to feel like a house. In fact, these pictures don’t even show the latest progress. We also now have doors, Tyvek house wrap, some of the siding, and shingles on the north side of the roof. (More photos soon.) We’re waiting for some standoffs for the photovoltaic system to arrive for the rest of the roofing to proceed, and the windows must be installed before the siding can be completed. We’re very excited with all the progress Ted and team have made in such a short time, and having walked around the inside of the house quite a bit, we really like the layout.


2 thoughts on “Raising the Roof

  1. Wow! What a house: spacious, warm, interesting, exciting. Love the photos. Mom I love the windows. the view from upstairs is lovely. Dad.

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