Siding Up and Builders Out of Work

As you can see from the photos below, Ted and crew have already started putting the siding on, a durable, fire-proof fiber-cement material called Hardie Plank that holds paint for three times as long as wood and is made from wood pulp, cement, sand, and water. The siding is lapped on the lower portion of the house, while the upper portion is vertical boards over battens. We like the look a lot, although Ted says the vertical portion is much more labor-intensive to install.

Still, the extra labor wasn’t enough to keep Ted and his crew busy quite through the end of their normal workweek (Monday to Wednesday). He called yesterday at 3:00 to say that they had essentially run out of things to do. We’re now just waiting for the mounts for the solar panels to arrive (so they can finish putting the shingles on the roof), for the windows to arrive (so they can finish the siding), and for Ted’s paperwork to wend its way through the DPD (allowing him to run a pipe to our water meter located a few dozen feet from our property line and patch up the street where they put the water meter in).

In other news, there’s a good article about our project on the Structural Insulated Panel Association website. They’re a great resource for anyone thinking about building a SIPs house.


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