1 Month Until Move-In Day

With just one month to go before our lease ends, we’re anxious to see progress on the house. Luckily, Ted and crew have been working really hard, and everything is coming along amazingly quickly. The walls are painted inside and out, the concrete floors are acid stained (we’re so happy with how they turned out), and the kitchen and bathroom cabinets were installed today. The solar panels will be installed at the end of this week.

We did some trim painting last weekend, but we haven’t had nearly enough time to complete all the projects we’ve wanted to do. For some reason, I’ve been much busier with work than usual, and summer is always a busy time. We’re still hoping to have time to install the tile in the two bathrooms and the kitchen and the upstairs wood floors, but there aren’t many weekends left. At this point, we’ll just have to see what we have time for.

In other news, Ted and Rachel just had their baby yesterday morning! Ted was back on the job this morning and is hoping to finish most of the house in the next couple of weeks while Rachel’s mom is visiting. We were really happy to hear that their home delivery went smoothly. Congratulations to both of them!

The photos below were taken over the last few weeks.


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