Finish Work

Alex and I spent the weekend sanding the upstairs sub floor to remove all traces of drywall mud in preparation for the glue-down wood floors we picked out. We found some very long reclaimed wide-plank fir that we think is going to look great. The 17″ floor buffer we rented to do the rough sanding was kind of a beast, and I ended up knocking a corner of the drywall off a column in the closet area and possibly ruining a $150 part on the sander. Oops. DIY is great, but it doesn’t always save money.

Ted and crew have been getting a lot of the finish work done. Isaac has built five beautiful maple bookcases, and Johnny is tiling the upstairs bathroom. Over the weekend, Ted milled some cedar beams that got cut down at another job site and surprised us with a really cool porch design.

The city inspectors have been by, and apparently we have to replace the sidewalk in front of our driveway because there are some cracks in it. (This is kind of a bummer because most of them were there before we even bought the lot.) They also say that our heat pump is too close to the property line, even though they approved the placement of it when they reviewed the plans. We’re really hoping not to have to move it since it’s all connected in its current spot, and it would take some major effort to re-pipe and re-wire the whole thing. I’m going to give them a call tomorrow in the hopes of finding a better solution.


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