Come for a Tour This Saturday

What: Tour the Ballard Zero-Energy House
When: Saturday, Dec. 10, 3 pm – 4 pm
Where: RSVP for address

It’s been an intense year of learning, planning, and sanding, and now we’re ready to celebrate our move with an open-house and tour of our new pad, which just happens to be the first zero-energy house to be completed in Seattle.

There will be food, and our fearless builder, Ted Clifton Jr., has generously offered to supply a keg (and some of his delicious home-made wine, if we’re lucky). There will be the chance to check out some of the cool energy-saving features and meet the mad geniuses who designed and built the house.

As you can probably tell, we’re pretty stoked that the zero-energy thing works here in the Pacific Northwest, and that it was possible to build this house for about the same price as the townhouse down the street. (Seriously.) We’re definitely hoping that other people in the area who are thinking about building or remodeling a house will take the zero-energy idea and run with it. So if you know anyone who might be interested in green building, please feel free to invite them to come along.

RSVP Required. Help us get an accurate headcount by replying in the comment section below or sending us a message via the “Contact” link above.

We can’t wait to see you Saturday!


7 thoughts on “Come for a Tour This Saturday

  1. This sounds wonderful. What a contribution you have made and are continuing to make to your community and the planet. I wish I could be there for the party, but will have to defer until Dec. 22. Can’t wait to see you again and stay in your beautiful home. Love, Mom

  2. My wife & I will be dropping by on Saturday to see your house. We are building a “backyard cottage” over in Greenlake using SIP panels and radiant heat. We hope to install solar panels next spring. Very interested in what you have done and looking forward to talking to you about your project.
    Ron & Jane

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