Housewarming Photos

Our housewarming party and self-guided tour yesterday were a great success, and it was wonderful to show our finished house to friends, family, and neighbors. Thanks to Ann Shi who came out to present us with our 5-star Built Green certificate, and thanks to everyone who came to take a look and offer their congratulations, and more than a few wonderful gifts. It was great to finally meet people with whom we’ve been communicating about the house for months. We felt overwhelmed with the support and encouragement of everyone in attendance.

Thanks to my sister Sarah, who came in from Wisconsin; we couldn’t have handled the 175 visitors without her invaluable help as a greeter. Thanks to Todd and Dave from Vinyltek, to the Premier SIPs crew, and to Ted L. Clifton of Zero-Energy Plans for helping to supply the food and drink (and for helping us build such a high-performing home). A very special Thanks to Ted W. Clifton for generously providing the kegs of beer and some of his very own tasty wine. Ted also presented us with a beautiful bench that he built from a maple tree that had to be cut down from our yard during construction. It is built with mortise and tenon joints and doesn’t have any metal fasteners. It is absolutely stunning!

We feel so lucky to have worked with Ted Sr., Ted Jr., and the building crew: Johnny, Isaac, and Cole. We can’t imagine a harder working, more enthusiastic, and all-around talented bunch of guys. We are fortunate to be able to count them as friends.


2 thoughts on “Housewarming Photos

  1. Congratulations! Sorry to have missed the Open House. Will you be showing the house again? I was involved with the building of a Passive House in California by an affordable housing organization. I’d appreciate knowing about any opportunity to see your house. Best wishes for the new year and living in your new house! Rae, Seattle

    • Hi Rae,

      That’s so cool that you were involved in an affordable Passive House project!

      Sorry you couldn’t make it to the tour, but we’re hoping to open our house to the public again sometime soon. We’re thinking about being a part of the Seattle Green Home Tour this summer. I’m also organizing a quarterly speaker series about energy-efficient retrofitting and building in association with Sustainable Ballard. One of the sessions will probably be held at our house. Just let me know if you want me to let you know once the schedule is finalized.


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