This Article in Earth Techling Really Nails What Our House Is All About

Lauren Craig of Earth Techling stopped by a few weeks ago to interview me about the house and snap a few photos. She did a great job summing up the important features of the house and our goals for the project.

Seattle DIY-ers Build Zero-Energy House

by Lauren Craig, January 20th, 2012

When newlyweds Eric Thomas and Alexandra Salmon began looking into buying a home in the Ballard neighborhood north of downtown Seattle, they were not impressed.

“We didn’t find anything we liked in our price range,” Thomas said. “Most of the houses in Ballard are old, and they needed a lot of work or had a funky layout. A lot of them had bedrooms in the basement. My wife is from New Mexico, and she’s used to a lot of light, so we knew that wasn’t going to work.” Thomas and Salmon were also looking for a house that was energy-efficient, and fit with their environmentally conscious lifestyle, without breaking the bank.

Read the rest of the article.


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