First Ballard Green Building Talk Photos

Last night’s Ballard Green Building Talk–the first in the series–was a great success. Thanks to everyone who attended and to Aaron Fairchild and Sam Lai of Green Canopy Homes for sharing their incredible story and giving us the lowdown on what green retrofits yield the biggest bang for your buck on the real estate market.

The takeaway from the talk was that you should shoot for quantifiable gains in efficiency…and that means getting an energy audit before and after your improvements. Also, potential home buyers make their decision in about the first minute or so in a house, and people give the most weight to the traditional real estate comparison points: location, curb appeal, price. Green features and energy efficiency are a “nice-to-have” for most buyers and are not given much weight by banks and most appraisers. All other things being equal, a green home will have more appeal than a “brown” home, but it has to be competitive on price and other features.

Thanks also to Richard Wells of the nonprofit SustainableWorks for telling us about energy audits that are available to Seattle residents for $95. If you gotten one for your home yet, this is an excellent deal. An audit will show you the “low-hanging fruit,” those measures you can take that cost the least and will yield the most savings on your energy bills.

Finally, thanks to architectural photographer AJ Mallory of BrightHouse Images for these great photos of the event.


7 thoughts on “First Ballard Green Building Talk Photos

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    I actually definitely agree with your blog. With thanks -Krystal

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