A Net-Zero-Energy House for $125 a Square Foot

Photo: Bright House Images

The housing bubble had burst, the banks weren’t lending, and we were newlyweds who had no business even thinking about building a custom home, let alone Seattle’s first net-zero house.


Read the article I wrote for Green Building Advisor.


3 thoughts on “A Net-Zero-Energy House for $125 a Square Foot

  1. Hi Eric, How would you feel if I posted this in our RE blog NW Go Green with proper credits. Loved your article. Hope the Airbnb went well for you and that you found someone to rent it out. I stayed on Yuerba Buena island (the rock part that the San Francisco Bay Bridge is anchored to) over the holidays, great location with fantastic views! I love Airbnb, it’s a great concept.

    Please let me know if you wouldn’t mind if I posted your article on a couple of our offices relevant blogs and my website.

    Thanks you!

    *Kim Mulligan* REALTOR GREEN Prideful Tree Hugger *Direct Cell 206.579.9066* *email: kim@kim-mulligan.com* ** * * Cooper Jacobs Real Estate LLC 3645C Wallingford Avenue Seattle WA 98103 Office 206-236-9696 Fax 206-299-6353

    *Website: http://www.kim-mulligan.com*

    *Blogs: *www.PhinneyRidgeView.com http://www.NWGoGreen.com

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