Doppelgänger House Spotted on Whidbey Island

Our Ballard net-zero-energy house is not just in Ballard anymore. Mark and Diane Leganza are about to move into a house built to almost the same plans as ours on Whidbey Island.

Attendees of the recent SICBA Home Tour got a close-up look at their home, which is projected to be net-energy-positive, just like ours. Unlike our home, however, this one is decidedly rural, set in a beautiful treed lot. Because they weren’t restricted by the setbacks of a small urban lot like ours, they were able to build the wraparound porch that the design originally called for and a large workshop/garage. I only have a few photos, but the house looks great amongst the trees.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to attend the tour, and we were out of town Mark and Diane did a walkthrough of our house a couple of years ago, but we want to congratulate them on their almost-completed project.

The house was built by Ted Clifton Sr., who sells a full builder’s set of plans for just $1,275. We’d love to see more people build this affordable, high-performance design in other parts of the country as well.

The Leganzas have a blog detailing the building process.


The Leganzas’ house under construction. Notice the 26′ x 24′ attached, heated garage, to be used as a studio.

Arial shot of the building site.

The radiant slab under construction. Notice how the lines avoid spaces that don’t need to be heated, like under where the kitchen cabinets will go.

The large lot gave the Leganzas space to install the 1,400 feet of line required for their Bosch geothermal heat pump. Because we didn’t have enough yard to bury the lines, we had to install a slightly less efficient (and cheaper) air-to-water heat pump.


Lots of visitors during the tour.


The Leganzas’ lot is a wee bit bigger than our 50′ x 75′ Ballard postage stamp.


Mark also helped install the wood flooring, choosing a 5/8″ strand bamboo versus our fir.

Just as in our house, the largest wall in the great room make a great movie screen. While we’ve screened such movie night gems as “Troll Hunter,” the Leganzas showed a clever time-lapse movie of the construction process during the home tour.


3 thoughts on “Doppelgänger House Spotted on Whidbey Island

  1. Thanks for getting the momentum going on Net Zero Houses with your house! I’m looking forward to building my own Net Zero as soon as possible.

    Thanks, Tony

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